Gut Reaction – Your Gut Health May Affect Your Brain Health

Gut Reaction – Your Gut Health May Affect Your Brain Health

Recent research and studies have shown a genetic link between Alzheimer’s Disease and gastrointestinal tract disorders. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that gut disorders cause Alzheimer’s Disease, it does indicate that people with gut disorders may be at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. As a result, Alzheimer’s Disease may be detected and treated earlier if there is treatment of the gut disorder. Time will tell if treatment of the gut disease leads to a positive result that will also result in a reduction in risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.

It is possible that even abnormal levels of cholesterol may result in a higher risk for both gastrointestinal tract disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease. High levels of cholesterol in the brain often results to cognitive decline.

The gut has many micro-organisms (including bacteria) which is known as microbiome which changes often. Gut microbes help break down nutrients from food which could result in some byproducts which enter the brain through the “gut-brain axis” (the communication network between the gut and the brain). So, a healthy gut may result in a healthy brain. If the gut is not healthy it could impact heart disease, autism, depression and result in gut disorders. Bacteria in the gut could also result in brain inflammation which could lead to amyloid plaque in the brain (which is common with Alzheimer’s Disease). As a result, a diet of green and leafy foods and high fiber foods along with adequate sleep and consistent exercise are likely to reduce risk .

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