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Keep up with the latest in Texas Estate planning with our articles written by Michael B. Cohen.

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5 Stars Rated By Your Neighbors

Mark Wood
Mark Wood
I needed to get a lawyer about 2 weeks ago and was my first time and you hear this and that so I Google one and Michael B. Cohen poped up and got a good feeling about him. Call and Mr. Ferguson immediately put me at ease, what a first class gentleman and got everything going. The whole group was unbelievable so nice and kind. I had a schedule issue and Mr Ferguson did what he does absolutely outstanding. And they we’re across the street and walked right over “That good feeling I got paid off” even my girlfriend said you do have a six sense about you. I can’t thank you guy’s enough under trying circumstances and they do care, you can feel that. Oh don’t brag on Mr Ferguson to much as Mr Cohen doesn’t want to much to go to his head! Mark
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones
We’ve used Michael Cohen on two separate occasions; once for help securing a trust for an elderly family member, and once for our own personal living will & trust. He is thorough and provides explanation for each item, making the traditionally cumbersome process streamlined and efficient! I recommend him and his practice without hesitation.
Gary Bassett
Gary Bassett
Michael Cohen & Associates is the best law firm I have ever retained. His associate Donna Cooper has been extremely reliable, knowledgeable, and prompt to respond to every question. I completely trust Mike and Donna to handle elder related issues!!!!
Torie Colvin
Torie Colvin
Best in Class!
Andrew Lavigne
Andrew Lavigne
Mr Cohen saved me a lot of time, money and heartache with his advice and counseling.
Michael Hilton
Michael Hilton
Mr. Cohen is both steeped in expertise and truly seems to have found his bliss helping his clients navigate all the interrelated aspects of elder law. His high level of knowledge and caring is infused throughout his entire team. His Medicaid application specialist, Ms. Cooper, is a wiz in her own right, and was always happy to answer our questions and to help us deal with surprises. We feel very lucky to have had them recommended to us and wanted to pass the recommendation along.
Albert Jarrell
Albert Jarrell
We engaged Michael B Cohen & Associates to assist us with the navigation and completion of the Medicaid process for my Mother-in-Law. We worked most closely with Donna Cooper, and she was very knowledgeable, patient, and always available as we went through the process. Donna was able to answer questions with simple but thorough detail that helped us understand the steps and execute the things we had to do personally. We would highly recommend Michael B Cohen & Associates for any eldercare legal matters!
D Patterson
D Patterson
Great team of professionals dedicated to helping folks navigate all the complicated laws. Donna really helped me out by answering a few questions I had, and Mr. Cohen’s seminars are fantastic! Great source of information. Will use again. I really like the monthly newsletter too!
B. Balmer
B. Balmer
I am very happy that I hired Michael B. Cohen and Associates to handle my wife’s Medicaid application. Michael was very helpful on a phone call letting me have confidence in his services and knowledge about how Medicaid works. Michaels assistant Donna was such a pleasure and very helpful with getting all of the documents and proof needed to do the application. Donna answered all my questions and made suggestions on how to get things set up to prevent trouble as time goes on. Even the nursing home that I placed my wife in said that they have heard of Michael Cohen and heard that he was very good. I agree. I plan to meet with Michael soon to do my Estate Planning.

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Michael B. Cohen & Associates

Our Dallas law practice concentrates on elder law with a particular emphasis on obtaining and/or retaining public benefits (especially Medicaid) for the elderly and disabled. We provide both crisis and advance planning to protect assets against the possibility that clients become disabled or incapacitated or need home, assisted living or nursing home care or if there is a sudden illness or death.

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Each week Michael B. Cohen gives practical advice on how to protect your assets through many of life’s challenges including multiple marriages, Medicaid planning, and nursing home care.

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