Medicaid Information

Navigating the ever changing landscape of Medicaid benefits and eligibility requirements can be daunting. Early intervention is one of the most important parts of any thorough estate planning process. This allows us to give our clients peace of mind and a confidence in their financial security during their old age. As life experience continues to increase, more people are likely to develop chronic illnesses. Most would prefer that they dictate how their assets are used for them instead of through guardianship proceedings- so, planning is often best done while there is still compacity.



Medicaid eligibility is bogged down with rules and regulations. Did you know there are 109 different kinds of Medicaid programs (each with their own rules) in Texas? Each year is upon us and will bring another set of changes, including those brought on by the Affordable Care Act.

Michael B. Cohen and Associates are uniquely qualified in the arena of Medicaid Planning, and we are able to prepare entire estate plans including the instruments to preserve or achieve Medicaid eligibility. We will also review any current cases to look at changes that could be made to your estate plan in order to save a significant portion of your assets. Our trusted Elder Care attorneys are able to provide legal counsel and advice in all legal matters relating to estate planning and Medicaid eligibility.



Our firm is here to assist individuals and families in their estate planning needs, whether it be preparation of a Medicaid application to obtain government assistance in care cost, a QIT, Special Needs Trust, Asset Protection, other trusts, or simply saving the homestead from the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. Michael B. Cohen has been practicing elder law in Dallas longer than any other attorney – over 20 years. To plan your estate whether it be to plan for Medicaid benefits or otherwise, or if you’ve been named executor of an estate (a will has been probated) or trustee in Dallas and surrounding areas, please call us at our Dallas office (214) 720-0102 today.