Most Popular Medicare Rx Plans to Raise Premiums for 2013

Most seniors will need to seek a better deal for a Medicare prescription drug plan for year 2013 if they are enrolled in Human Walmart-Preferred Rx Plan, First Health Part D Premier, First Health Part D Value Plus, Cigna Medicare Rx Plan One, Express Scripts Medicare Value, the Health Spring Prescription Drug Plan and the Humana Enhanced plan – all of which are going to have double digit premium increases for next year according to a report by a private firm (Avalere Health) that analyzes the market.
The average premium for basic prescription drug coverage will be $30 per month. The least expensive plan is AARP Medicare Rx Saver Plus Plan which will average $15 a month in year 2013 – but it is not available everywhere. The most popular plan (AARP Medicare Preferred) will have only a slight rise next year.

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