It was recently announced that a simple blood test could be effective in diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease (even if the person seemed normal) 20 years before memory and thinking problems are to be expected in people with a genetic mutation that causes Alzheimer’s.

Although the blood test is neither a treatment or a cure, low cost diagnosis could potentially slow down the progression and development of the disease.

If you knew you were going to have Alzheimer’s Disease, you might change your lifestyle.  On the other hand, if you knew you were going to have it, you probably would not be able to get long-term care insurance.

Scientists have studied the proteins most often associated with the disease.  Presently the diagnosis is made by costly PET scans of the brain.  The blood test would not be invasive, would be just as accurate as a PET scan and be much less costly.  Thus, more would likely be tested since the blood test would likely be more readily available.  Researchers have announced the test could be available as soon as 2 or 3 years. 

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