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We hope you will join our Walk Team, Michael’s Marchers, for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s (which will be Saturday, November 5, 2022) by clicking here.


We are pleased to announce that Michael B. Cohen has been named as Chair of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Greater Dallas and Northeast Texas Chapter. We are very grateful to KAAM radio, Don Crawford, Jr. and the Percy Fund for an extremely generous contribution to our walk team.


Our next free Estate Planning Essentials Workshop will again be live. Registration for our next live workshop (which will be Tuesday, October 11, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. until noon) can be made by calling us at (214) 720-0102 or signing up online at www.dallaselderlawyer.com.



Attendees often ask questions about estate planning, probate, Medicaid and Veterans benefits. We proceed to answer the questions over the course of the workshop (although there will be a presentation also).


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Michael B Cohen's Latest Blogs



10 Common Questions On When To Make A Distribution From Your IRA


If you have an IRA, you are required to make a distribution annually once you reach a certain age (if you were 70½ prior to January 1, 2020, then you should already be making required minimum distributions known as “RMDs” – otherwise you could be subject to a 50% excise tax). It is common to delay making distributions until required since there is income tax on the distribution (unless it is a Roth IRA).



Ten Common Mistakes When Completing A Nursing Home Medicaid Application

The cost of long-term care is great (average is over $7,000/month in Texas). As a result, many apply for long-term care Medicaid for governmental assistance. It is not unusual for us to receive calls after either a facility or applicant has submitted an application and made a costly error that could result in ineligibility (resulting in financial responsibility ranging from the difference between the applicant’s income and the private pay rate to as much as the full monthly private pay rate plus drug costs for each month of ineligibility).




Eight Reasons Why Elderly Should Not Get Married


It is not unusual that a widow or widower or someone who is elderly meets someone later in life and enjoys their companionship and love or simply enjoys traveling together. Living together without being married use to be considered strictly taboo, but the potential financial risks of being married has resulted in elderly couples simply living together without being married.





No Capacity, No Medical Power Of Attorney – No Problem?


A medical power of attorney should be part of even the most basic estate planning documents that every adult (assuming mental capacity) should have. This is a document whereby you chose whom you want to act as your agent and any alternate if you lack mental capacity to make medical decisions for you if you lack capacity. You would need sufficient mental capacity to sign this document. Health care providers can rely on the named agent’s decision as to the health decision to be made. Powers of attorney terminate on the death of the principal.


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