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Our next free Estate Planning Essentials Workshop will be live on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. until noon. Registration can be made by calling us at (214) 720-0102 or signing up online at www.dallaselderlawyer.com.
Attendees often ask questions about estate planning, probate, Medicaid and Veterans benefits. We proceed to answer the questions over the course of the workshop (although there will be a presentation also).

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12 Ways To Transfer Real Estate On Death In Texas


There are numerous ways to transfer real estate upon death depending on the facts and the type of planning – if any.



Who Is Eligible For Free Care At Home?

There are several public benefit programs whereby the government will pay for caregivers to come to where you reside. Many are familiar with Medicare that pays for various therapists after a hospitalization stay, but many are unaware that Medicaid has a couple of programs that pay for a caregiver to come to your residence.




7 Ways To Set Up An Account In Texas – Your Beneficiary May Not Be As You Intended


There is often confusion as to who is the beneficiary of a bank account when an owner of the account dies. The type of account selected on a signature card determines how the account passes at death.





Future Success Story Of The Month? Will A QLAC Within An Ira Become The Latest Tool To Save Money In Care Costs?


Recent changes under the Secure Act 2.0 that became effective January 1, 2023 may make a QLAC (Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract) a planning option for long-term care Medicaid which helps pay for nursing care and care at home.


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